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Feminists for Change

Grassroots Organization

Girl Power

Our Causes


Donate to the LPS Foundation to support our campaign to end period poverty at Lincoln High School. Fundraiser Drive ends January 31, 2023

Period Poverty

Increasing Access to Resources

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, period poverty can be defined as the “inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and education, including but not limited to sanitary products, washing facilities and waste management.” While this term appears to be relatively new, this struggle has been prevalent for ages. Recently, the issues caused by this public health epidemic are continuously rampant in every corner of the world, even within Lincoln High School. In an attempt to combat this inequity, we have provided baskets with a variety of menstrual products in classrooms and a number of bathrooms throughout the school. While this is not the solution to an elaborate, systemic issue, it has still worked towards supporting students who may not have access to the proper menstrual products that they truly need.

Engage Yourself

In Feminists for Change, we encourage all members of the Lincoln community to fight gender inequality and welcome any students who have a special passion for this movement. Below you can find some ways to get involved with our organization.

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Feminists for Change greatly appreciates any and all donations given to us, but one of our most pressing needs is menstrual hygiene products to provide students in our building's bathrooms.


Come to a Meeting

Feminists for Change meets weekly.



A great way to stay up to date on our club and our projects is to read our newsletter, the first edition of which came out in December 2021. You can subscribe below to get a copy of it when the next issue comes out.

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