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Feminists Against Gun Violence - An Open Letter to the Future Governor of Nebraska

Dear Future Governor of Nebraska,

We are students of Lincoln High School Feminists for Change and we demand that our state’s next leader recommend legislation that addresses an end to the epidemic of gun violence. We are heartbroken by yet another school shooting where children have been targeted. At the same time, we realize that this event is something that many Americans have come to accept as a reality of our existence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Children should not be collateral damage in our era of divided government. There needs to be common sense laws to protect our most precious beings, children. How come we can have laws to legislate women’s bodies, but we can’t have laws to regulate guns?!

In 1996, after Australia suffered its 13th mass shooting in 18 years, the country adopted the National Firearms Agreement, a policy that established a national gun registry, imposed permit requirements on citizens, and banned all semi-automatic and shotguns. Since then, Australia has seen one mass shooting in 22 years. Effective legislation is possible when officials stop sidestepping this issue with discussions of mental health and video games. Gun control is the key to protecting students, and we need it now more than ever.

We understand that the 2nd amendment guarantees all US citizens the right to bear arms, but what about these children’s right to Life and Liberty? The 2nd amendment was written in a completely separate time and should be interpreted freely based on our situation now. It seems that in the present day, guns are infringing on Americans' safety more than they are securing it.

While we are saddened by the Uvalde shooting, we do not want this tragic event to become a call to action against immigrants or Latinx people. We feel the choice to reveal the shooter's name when he was a Latino man (yet not the name of the white shooter in Buffalo) was a purposeful decision and will cause harm to communities of color in America.

In order to create systemic change and put an end to gun violence, we ask that you, as the next governor of Nebraska, listen to our calls and support strong, effective legislation. We will not stop fighting until you do.


Students of Lincoln High School Feminists for Change

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